The Ship’s Cat

I don’t wanna be a ship’s cat…

The trials and tribulations of a ship’s cat are nothing new. In these modern times many sailboats, merchant vessels and naval ships leave harbours throughout the world with at least one ship’s cat onboard. It’s considered both mariner’s good luck and a cost effective means of keeping down vermin… in fact the love affair between sailors and their feline companions is a well documented tradition dating back many hundreds of years. At the Battle of Trafalgar the English naval hero Horacio Nelson died onboard HMS Victory  with his beloved cat Bottle by his side.

For those of you with a keen sense of detail you may well note that Nellie at first was named after her hero Nelson, the greatest of all England’s naval commanders. But an early visit to the veterinary confirmed that a more feminine name change was in order.

And there’s even well documented evidence that in more ancient times marauding vikings landed on distant shores with the sailing master’s cat often the first ashore… no doubt in search of edible food or perhaps some helpless maiden to take in hand.

Nellie now has her own Facebook and Instagram pages so that she can stay in touch with her ever growing list of fans. You too can receive your Nellie The Cat T-shirt, a paw-print signed photograph and suggested recipes of Nellie’s Mexican cat-food especially formulated to ensure that eight out of every ten cats turn up their noses to go in search of something more edible… get your Nellie The Cat T-shirt & Mexican cat-food recipes here. Your ‘Free Nellie’ T-shirts and Caps are only a few clicks away.

And there’s more… visit and Like Nellie’s Facebook Page for your chance to WIN a miserable week as a stowaway in some distant storm-ridden sea as a Ship’s Cat cat-sitter – or to receive regular blogs direct from Nellie’s own feline pen.

Nellie The Cat’s Feline Problem Page

If you are a cat with a personal problem, you can contact Nellie direct for some worldly advice about how to fix things. Good feline advice is always hard to come by… you can now contact Nellie with your issues for your own personal reply that will always remain confidential if you part with a small amount of cash – unless you’re happy to share your story with the rest of the feline world in which case Nellie’s advise is almost free.

Contact Nellie confidentialy with your Personal Cat Problem here.

Read about Nellie the Feline Agony Aunt and get things sorted. Genuine problems only please, profanities will be deleted.

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