“I now live in London, a vibrant multi-cultural society within which I thrive. I’ve learned an awful lot from my dad and his independent spirit, although sometimes I’m not sure I always agree with his more ‘radical’ views on the social aspects of life. But he’s my dad and I’ve inherited his ‘good bits’ too which seem to serve me well. I’m making my own life nowadays but I’ll forever treasure my adventure lifestyle experience which has without doubt taught me my free spirit philosophy on life.”

Crew & Onboard Teacher
I’ve been participating in the crewing of Sänna since 2003, gaining valuable experience in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Alaska. I’ve travelled extensively throughout many areas of the world, completing my degree in International Development in Ghana, West Africa and my Masters specialising in West African Music at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Sänna - Louise & Dad

Following successful teaching positions in both India and South Korea, I’ve contributed to crewing duties onboard Sänna while taking an active role in Henry’s onboard education alongside Marie. Returning to London to work within the adventure travel market, I still find time to combine travel and work with my love of sailing. My special love though is music – I play a number of musical instruments and consider myself an accomplished kora player and vocalist.

My self sufficiency skills and independent spirit compliment my ability to operate under tough sea going conditions and my love of outdoor living.

Louise – 2015

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