“My mum’s philosophy in life is to do what seems like a good idea at the time, then do it as well as possible. I also think this is a good idea, but mum has to learn that three hours schooling every morning is too much when we’ve got to fish and get the crab nets in.”

“Sailing onboard Sänna since the age of four, Henry’s considered himself a full member of our crew for over ten years now. The unique skills he’s acquired during this time enables him to participate in many aspects of sailing and navigating the boat. His fearless and confident approach to the sea belies his young age.

Sänna - Henry Borneo

Like all children of his age his nemesis is his education. Schooling has always been rigidly maintained to a daily structure onboard to provide his educational needs, he has undoubtedly thrived from this experience. Mixing the daily routine of schooling and a ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ lifestyle gives my boy the unique life experience that surfaces in his confident character and his easy, humorous personality. His ability to mix with adults and children is a special skill he has developed.

Henry is now establishing himself in mainstream school education back in England to complete his all round experience. This means less time onboard Sänna but he’s now growing older and other things are becoming important to him too. What cannot change is the incredible lifestyle he’s already experienced from a young age.”

Marie – 2015