Nellie the Cat, Now Officially Inducted into Ship’s Crew

“It took a while to find her but there she was hiding under the dinghy. We had to drag her out by her tail to sign the papers but right now she’s legal, Nellie is now officially the ship’s cat. She’s complained about one or two things but nothing we can’t deal with and, despite what she tells you, Nellie’s been given her proper rights under international maritime law. She’s gonna be on the night watch most of the time in charge of vermin and stuff like that, she’s not being overly friendly just now but even so, all the signs are looking good.” Dave

Nelly Nelson, Nellie for short, is now all official and legal. We had some explaining to do on the documents about why she was first called Nelson, but when we took Nelson there for the snip the veterinary said it might be best if we called her Nellie. That might not seem important but she needs her own passport and stuff like that.

Nellie has been properly and correctly inducted into the ship’s crew. She’s filed complaints about a couple of things, about being abducted and forced against her will, being press-ganged when nowadays that’s not legal but we’re dealing with all of that. She eats her fill every day so things aren’t that bad.

Now that she’s crew she’s got her own crew list profile, even though she’s a cat it keeps things legal. You can check this out if you want to, especially if you’re one of those cat people.

But don’t you be fooled now…

Read Nellie’s Crew Profile >

4 thoughts on “Nellie the Cat, Now Officially Inducted into Ship’s Crew

  1. So pleased I had the opportunity to meet Nellie – although at the time it was Nelson – in Winterton – On – Sea, before you dragged that poor cat across the world!!! She will love this life. One thing is for sure, it will not be boring. xx


  2. After reading Nellie’s heartfelt and extremely insightful profile I may feel the needs to crowd fund to raise the money required to secure her a safe passage to the UK. TT


    1. Yes, we do have problems returning Nellie to England. It’s a logistical problem that can be overcome but the approved airline carrier from Mexico is a US airline that has suspended its international animals transportation following recent problems resulting in the loss of life of some animals. It’s well documented on the internet. Our alternatives are cost prohibitive so I’m afraid Nellie is stuck with us for the foreseeable future. Nellie has all of her approved health documentation and pet passports for travel but customs precedures are difficult, from Mexico it’s reasonably ok but Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua are more difficult. More so Panama where we have to head to make for the Panama Canal. The logistics of her recents travels from England to Mexico will soon be detailed in an upcoming blog, which will be rather fetching in its content and a learning curve for others who are thinking of transporting their pets abroad. Thanks for your response TT.


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