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Nellie the Cat’s Feline Problem Page

In my short life as a Ship’s Cat I’ve learned loads. I probably know more about life at sea than just about any cat alive and lots more besides. My sisters too know everything that’s worth knowing so if you are a cat with a personal problem then tell me about it.

Me and my sisters started giving feline advice some time ago when we realised there was a gap in the market. In that time we’ve helped loads of cats get over their emotional issues and sometimes we’ve even won awards. What we tell you might not seem right at first but as things develop then you’ll know that you came to the best place for cat advice.

If you want to keep it personal just between the two of us then you’ve gotta put your hand in your pocket and dig out a bit of cash… after all I’ve gotta eat too just like anyone else and I need to build up my Escape Fund to someday get back to England. I’ve got personal problems too you know.

If what you’ve gotta say can be spread around for any old cat or their owners to read then I’ll give you real good advice for free… but I’m gonna sell on your hard luck story to those who are begging me to tell them other cat’s secrets. It’s a tough world out there and we cats need to survive.

First of all I’ve gotta know one or two things about you.  Please answer truthfully because it’s a physiological test to prove that you really are a cat and not someone just trying your luck, we often get veterinaries sneaking around trying to find out things. Me and my sisters will try to respond quickly if we can but sometimes we have other things on our plate and we might not be there just for you.

Please be patient, the best feline advice takes some thinking about and I need to get over some emotional barriers myself you know.

Please answer below before clicking that Submit button. Me or one of my sisters will then reach out to you and get things moving.

Nellie The Cat’s Feline Problem Page

If you wanna read about other cat’s feline secrets then please click here. It’s free for the most part but the really emotional or juicy stuff might cost you a little bit, not much tho coz we cats aren’t rolling in it.

Some of these personal stories are well worth reading, in fact there’s hours of mind-boggling things to think about and you wouldn’t believe how bad some cat’s lives are. And me and my sisters have solved loads of feline problems, cat’s lives are so much better for talking to me and I’ve even been told I’m an angel from heaven.

If you’ve received some advice from me or my sisters that’s not private then it’s gonna make its way onto this page… every other cat or cat owner can add their little bit too.

Seriously, it’s dead good reading… here’s some of the Agony stuff so far…

Mollie the Moggy from Moss Side in Manchester – August 2018

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