The Chichagof Mine

“I said the old mining camp would be nothing but trouble but we still went there. It took five days to find the mine, what happened afterwards will stay with me for the rest of my life. Then it turns out Dave knew about the rumours all along…” Henry

So we finally left Elfin Cove to head for Sitka. The route first took us east along the tide driven Lisianski Straits to the Pacific Ocean shoreline of Chichagof Island, then we laid a course southwards through the stunning outside passage – taking us between countless small islands that protected us from the worst of the long Pacific swells breaking along the outer coastline. The route, often used by Alaskan fishermen, afforded a number of secluded anchorages that we could use to day-sail our way south. It is difficult to find words to describe to you this spectacular journey, this part of Alaska that appears in no tourist guide or cruise itinerary yet must easily rank as one of the most scenic passages we’ve made since leaving the Mediterranean twelve years ago…

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Sänna Sitka

One thought on “The Chichagof Mine

  1. Good Evening Dave,

    I have finally just had time to read your post about your ‘unwise’ decision to visit the old gold mine. It was well written and certainly held my attention whilst I ate dinner. I have chosen not to look at the Youtube video. You have spent many years sailing and exploring the world but I am thinking you have not ventured into the heart of Africa, South America, India or the Himalayan Kingdoms. Correct me if I am wrong. Had you spent time really in these countries you would, I think, have encountered other very disturbing images which exist in a world which lies beyond most folks normal experiences. In future, when presented with other legends/tales on your travels, please, please listen to advice not to venture into the unknown which lies beyond the realms of understanding and life as we know it. There is a dark side and it is better left unexplored. By the by, Mexico is not a great place to stay around these days with 25,000 murders just last year alone – why don’t you move onto somewhere not quite so dangerous??? Try Easter Island or the Galapagos, then make your way to Ushuaia and eventually to God’s own country – Newfoundland!!!

    Whatever you decide to do, I just love following your travel blogs.

    Love and best wishes to you all.



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