Frozen Alaska

Sänna Hoonah

Alaska is starting to freeze and it’s much too cold for an ageing Englishman to keep warm. Sänna is cleaned, wrapped up and winterised ready to withstand the long cold winter ahead. Her sails are down, electrics safely turned off and water supplies all disconnected ready for the big freeze. She’s been a pig to me through the summer and our love affair has sometimes been sorely tested but I’m sorry to leave her floating there forlornly in Hoonah Harbour. So I’m heading back to England to get back into my warm bed beside Marie, she herself left Hoonah a short while ago with Henry who, would you believe, is now fifteen. We’ve had a magical time this summer the three of us…

Hoonah, we’ve decided, is going to be our home port for the foreseeable future, until we decide when to make our attempt to transit the arctic’s northwest passage. Maybe we can think about it next year although Henry has his school GCSE exams and Marie rightly wants to be around. Afterwards there’s no reason why Henry can’t come with us to see if we can make it through. We need more crew though, so if you think you could do it then….

In the meantime, now, Hoonah is a beautiful place set deep in the Alaskan wilderness, in the mountains, forests and remote islands of this incredible part of the world. We can easily stay here with the numerous friends we’ve made, Alakans who don’t suffer fools too easily. But Alaska in the wintertime is cruel and frozen, England is where my wife, grandson and daughters are, where I should be…

Dave, Hoonah, Alaska November 2016

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8 thoughts on “Frozen Alaska

  1. Alaska in the winter has a majestic beauty all its own but yes family I have also found is definitely where one belongs, thanks for the wonderful posting and photographs.


    1. Ted! My good friend, it’s so good to hear from you again. How are you? Because of US Customs regulations we have to take Sänna south into British Columbia around April or May next year for at least fifteen days… we could easily head your way. You around?


  2. Dave, I absolutely agree with you, England is where you should spend your winter, although spending just one winter in Alaska might add to your perspective and appreciation for Sanna’s piggish and stubborn insistence of acting in your best interest, especially when the chips are down… or flying… whatever the case may be. Thank you for making Claudia’s and my visit to Moreton-in-Marsh a very special evening. We both appreciate the serious effort the two of you made to join us. Thank you… Can’t wait to walk the paths of Sherwood Forest with you two!


    1. I still can’t believe, after all the time we spent together in Hawaii, our paths should cross again in little Moreton-in-Marsh. True England eh? Of course, Robin Hood is still alive living secretly in the woods and is a very good friend of mine. His wench, Maid Marion, makes a delicious venison stew but has never got over that business with Errol Flyn and Kevin Costner. We’d love to see you both again Eric and you must head our way next time.


  3. Mr Ungless. How the feck are you. Its been a long time. Not quite sure where to start really. It certainly looks like you are living life to the full and have found a place that suits you. Funny where life takes you hey? You a lad from t’ medders sailing round the world and setting up shop in Alaska, me a Clifton lad, 30 odd years in the printing industry and now a self employed painter and decorator in a seaside town in Australia. Who would have bet on it. All that said, I am in need of an adventure. And after much procrastination and pontificating over the last two or three years, as well as life getting in the way as fecking usual, i thought I would take this first step in coming out to see you. Knowing my luck I have probably left it too late, but hopefully I am still in with a chance. Lou’s pictures tipped me over the edge, just at a time when I have been thinking I haven’t done anything for myself for a while. On top of that, the world is falling to pieces and we need to sort it out and we can’t do that in an email or even worse Facebook. So! What do you reckon? Am I in with a chance/ Guessing you won’t be there in the winter again. So Obviously I don’t know what your plans are so it would be great if you could get back to me with your ideas. Late August or september suits me but you will know best if that is possible. Or it may have to be next year if you are still there. Please let me know if we can do this. Needless to say I would love to ‘catch up’ properly and share a little of your experience. Alaska looks absolutely stunning and i am sure we would have a lot to talk about, about our respective lives and the choices we have made and how we have ended up where we are. I have never really connected with anyone the way I have with you and I will always cherish the friendship we have and the things I have learnt from you and your view of the world, however distant and spasmodic our communication. Didn’t mean to get deep but it needed saying. Get back to me mate as soon as you can. Will be great to hear from you and Marie. Hope we can do this. Bugger that it has taken so long for me to get in a position to be able to contemplate it. Heres hoping. Take care team Sanna Ian.



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