Barnacle Bob

Up and Coming Singer Songwriter Joins Crew


“Do you know Dave, I feel inspired to play and sing all my favourite sea shanties. This is the perfect occasion… and I don’t even feel seasick now I’m wearing one of these patches behind my tab. I’m gonna stick around, let my Scouser soul loose and give you everything I’ve got.” Bob Jones, Crossing the Straights of Georgia, British Columbia. September 2015.

My very good friend Bob joined Sänna here in Vancouver whilst Marie returned to England with Henry. We go back a long way do me and Bob – and I have to say we had a decidedly good time. Of course, being an accomplished musician he brought along his ukulele and his harmonica to add a marvellous musical atmosphere to our maritime buddy experience – all original material you can only listen to here if you have a mind to explore real live music in tune with the ocean wind. You can be among the first to preview the great ‘Barnacle Bob’ Jones in his traditional sea-shanty performing element…

Vancouver Experience

First, for you more serious types, we spent a few days exploring Vancouver in the sunshine by bicycle, using the extensive cycle paths through magical Stanley Park and all around this beautiful city set by the sea. Then we found good live music deep inside the historic Gastown district to pass the evenings away sampling fine locally brewed craft beers. But maybe the best was yet to come…

Leaving Vancouver we sailed for Plumpter Bay, northwards to the Howe Sound mountain wilderness. We picked up a National Park mooring buoy for the night and a local fisherman who happened to be passing by gave us three freshly caught crabs – which we boiled up for supper with rice, barbecued kebabs and greek salad. Early the next morning we slipped the buoy to sail the twenty miles across the Georgia Straits to Nanaimo… on the back of a sweet south-east wind with accompanying nostalgic maritime ballads that took us right into the sleepy downtown fishing harbour. We spent three nights tied up there before then attempting the infamous Dodds Narrows…

If you’ve never heard of the treacherous Dodds Narrows then Barnacle Bob will soon tell you the whole story… to music. Stay tuned folks. Once safely through the tide rips and fierce currents we headed for Charmainus Harbour, a true small town gem made famous by the numerous mural wall paintings. More music, good beer… and a local craft store where tailoress Jan Donaldson specialises in creating inspirational mood changing clothing for itinerant musicians and for the more serious of British Columbian music festivals. Notice the hat? Perfect!

Then, content and happy we sailed the forty miles back to Coal Harbour in Vancouver. Of course, by now my exceedingly good friend Bob Jones was fully inspired and needs no further introduction from me…

Barnacle Bob Jones

For those of you who can’t wait and the tension is mounting…

Dave & Marie Ungless are currently sailing their boat Sänna around-the-world from the Mediterranean west to east. Their nine year voyage so far has taken them into the North Pacific – to Alaska and British Columbia where they are now located. Dave is a freelance writer and journalist writing about their travels and the social aspects of their journey.

You can view their Sailing Vessel Sänna Facebook page which you can Like here and their sailing blog at Dave’s freelance page is at


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