Costa Rica to Panama 2020

Sänna - Vista Mar, Panama

‘Right now, just like everyone else on this virus-ridden planet, we don’t know what is going to happen. When we set out back in January from Marina Papagayo in the north of Costa Rica for the Panama Canal, everything was fine – the world then had not gone crazy. Even when we sailed across Costa Rica’s southern border into Boca Chica there were few signs that in just a short while our whole adventure would tumble into this mind-blowing crisis. Only the Lord knows how this murderous Chinese bat virus is going to change the insane world we now live in…’ Marie

Anchored in Golfito, in the south of Costa Rica, we were fine. We’d heard the virus was bad in other countries, but these places were around the other side of the world. In the two countries we were in touch with, the UK and the US, there seemed to be no panic or even any form of preparation, so we didn’t think there was much to worry about.

Then, over the next two weeks, everything went from bad to worse, then deteriorated even further – before the whole world then tumbled over a cliff…

To continue reading about our covid coronavirus experience, please follow this link to our Latest News posting Abandoned In Panama. This describes what happened after we sailed across the border into Boca Chica.

At this time of writing, late December 2020, we are both still covid isolated back in England, both our families have suffered badly with the virus and we clearly made the absolutely right decision to evacuate Sänna so that we could be here with them. Panama has finally reopened its borders in late November but the virus in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales has escalated out of control to the point that only recently approved vaccinations offer much hope. In the UK the virus has now horribly mutated, there is a more deadly strain ravaging through the British population. Many countries, including Panama, have locked closed their borders specifically to UK citizens. Chinese visitors though, are largely free to travel.

Right now we have no information regarding when we can return to Panama – Sänna lies tied up in Vista Mar marina. Undoubtedly the world has changed, the life of living onboard a wandering seafaring sailboat may have gone, maybe it has disappeared forever.

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